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A Statement from Lunar Light Studio

Lunar Light Studio has been made aware of accusations of abuse carried out by Blue Lennox and Hayley Rose towards members of ClownHouse. Those accusations can be found in the original source, here. Due to this fact, as well as similar ongoing situations and concerns within our own network, Blue and Hayley have chosen to remove themselves from Lunar Light Studio effective immediately. 

This decision does not come lightly. Continuing the work of Lunar Light Studio without these founding members is a painful and difficult course for all of us. However, out of a commitment to the well-being and values of every member of our network, we feel confident that this is the right decision to make. We believe this is for the best for all parties involved, including Blue and Hayley. 


Lunar Light Studio does not condone abuse of any kind. Our interest lies solely in protecting and centering the interests of those directly affected. As we part ways, we urge you to keep in mind that everyone involved in this situation is a human being. Please respect the privacy of the victims and their personal decisions to disclose any details their own discretion.




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