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Our Story

In August of 2016, Lillie and Hannah met during college orientation week. They hit it off right away, becoming fast friends and spending every moment they could together. By January of 2017, Lunar Light Studio was founded in a tiny dorm room, huddled around one microphone as they began their very first podcast together, WatcherCast. 

In just two short years, the network has grown and changed beyond anything they had ever imagined. We are now home to over 10 podcasts and counting, ranging in subjects from animation to musical theatre to improv comedy. Our network truly has something for everyone! 

Our Goal

We here at Lunar Light Studio strive to give voice to the voiceless. We believe women, people in the LGBTQA+ community, and people of color deserve a place where their voices can be heard without question or censorship. In a media market dominated by a mostly straight white male population, we feel this representation is exceedingly important. We believe in giving marginalized people the opportunity to lead and create of their own volition, with no boundaries or limitations. We will always try to hold ourselves to the highest standard of production and present quality content that is equal parts entertaining, educational, and heartfelt. 


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Meet The Team

Lillie Blue is a musician, voice actor, and aspiring teacher. She is the founder and artistic director of Lunar Light Studio, as well as the creator and host of InkTank and the co-creator and co-host of The Good Boys Girls and Tin Pan Diddly Doo. She loves dogs, scented candles, and giving hugs! 

Founder, Artistic Director

Lillie Blue Lennox

Hayley Rose Stewart is a transgender podcast producer, voice actor, musician, and YouTuber from New Jersey. Host and co-creator of Lunar Light Studios, SnubDub, Good Boys Girls, and Tin Pan Diddly Doo. She enjoys long walks through forests, fireflies, and getting caught in the rain on a warm evening. Easy now ladies, she's taken.

Co-Owner, Producer

Hayley Rose

Ross Gerson is a Filipino-German artist based in Germany. He is an artist and graphic designer for Lunar Light Studio. As well as a Nintendo enthusiast and overall Good Boy. He loves to play around with colors and different art styles, and enjoys the company of both cats and dogs alike.

Team Artist

Ross Gerson

Brittany Richter is a nerd in all sense of the word. If there is a sword, six shooter, superhero, dinosaurs, space (the final frontier), or a dog, she's interested (she wanted to list more but... we get it!). She lives in the Twin Cities with her fiancé Stacy and their menagerie of pets. She is co-creator and co-host of Whatchacallit!?

Website Auror

Brittany Richter

Reid Groskreutz is a goober, dork, and most importantly a nerd! He is not above making himself look like an idiot if it makes his wife and friends laugh. Reid lives in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota with his wife Nicole and their cat Aria (who is the best girl!). He is co-creator and co-host of Whatchacallit!?

Website Auror

Reid Groskreutz