Ground control...

This is Lunar Light HQ, you are now cleared to purchase Personal or Business Transmissions which can be read on upcoming episodes on your favorite Lunar Light Studio podcast! 


It's a radical way to support the podcasts you love, and get your information out to the multiverse.

Personal Transmissions

  • 350 character limit

  • cannot contain promotional or commercial content


🎂 B-day messages. 

👏 Congratulations regarding an accomplishment. 


🤗 Let someone know you're thinking of them.

❤️ Anniversary shout-out!

 Business Transmissions

  • 500 character limit

  • for promotional or commercial purposes


🐻 A non-profit.

📽️ Kickstarter project.

🎙️ A podcast.

💬 A webcomic.

Incoming Transmissions are a fun and supportive way for our listeners to sponsor an episode of their favorite podcast.


Please note, Incoming Transmissions are purchased as one-off messages and will be played on an upcoming episode of a single podcast. Incoming Transmissions are run on a first-come first-serve basis. As such, messages will not be run more than once.

If, however, you are interested becoming a sponsor and running reoccurring ad spots, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Specific time-frame? Not to worry. Upon purchasing your Incoming Transmission, you will have a chance to specify your desired air-date.

Please note: Should  your Incoming Transmission contain a promotional element, we will reach back out to you regarding what makes a Transmission Business or Personal.

We also reserve the right not to run a message. Messages found to be questionable, offensive, or if any of our Lunar Light Studio podcast hosts feel uncomfortable reading the Incoming Transmission, it will not be run.

Incoming Transmissions containing political content – even if we agree with your views – will not be run. You will be notified by email and refunded in full.

Questions? Click here to contact us.

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