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Lunar light studio Presents: Spooky Pride Drive!

Guess what LLS ghools, gals, ghosts, folx, bats, wolves, vampires, astronauts... all of the above and then some -

It's pride month... Spooky Pride that is.


You may be asking yourself... "What is Spooky Pride and why is it always in that font?!"


As far as the font goes... it's a spooky font. And as far as what  Spooky Pride means, it means Lunar Light needs you! We need your help to keep our Jack-O-Lanterns lit by donating on our Patreon.


By donating during our drive, October 20th through November 2nd, you will receive access to all sorts of special tricks and treats like bonus secret podcasts and a Spooky pride song put together by the members of Lunar Light themselves.


All it takes is a donation of $5 or higher.


Additionally, any existing donors who have been with us for 6 months or more will receive a Halloween themed desktop background created by artists on the network, featuring the podcasters you know and love.


Your support is what allows us to continue to make the content we do and shed some (Lunar) light on the world.


Visit our Patreon

Happy Spooky pride! 

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